Apr 27, 2015

Tampa Downtown Carnival & Bloody Mary Festival. {{giveaway}}

Need some plans for this weekend?

You know I love me some Tampa fun...and I am very excited for how my little city keeps growing and progressing! Riverwalk recently got quite the upgrade.

The city recently did an update to Riverwalk -- and I am excited for festivities next weekend to go check out the additions! Along with the Cigar City Brewing Tampa RiverRun (don't forget to register to win an entry!), there are two other events going on this upcoming weekend. The Tampa Downtown Carnival is coming, along with the Tampa Bay Bloody Mary Festival is arriving on Sunday from 11AM-3PM. 

First up, the Tampa Downtown Carnival! 
This is the first carnival to hit Downtown Tampa! It will be open on Saturday, May 2nd from 10AM-10PM and Sunday, May 3rd from 10AM-6PM. This 'urban' carnival will include games, prizes, rides, & a Beer Garden for some adult beverages. Wristbands are available for purchase to enjoy the games and rides, purchase them in advance HERE to save some $$. Brings the kids down for some fun -- and don't forget to enjoy the beer garden for yourself ;)

Not that I play favorites...but I am looking forward to the Bloody Mary Festival the most! Also a part of the Tampa Riverfest festivities, this fesitval will be at Curtis Hixon Waterfront Park on Sunday, May 3rd from 11AM-3PM. And that's not all...multiple restaurants (that we all LOVE) will be present and competing with their signature Bloody Mary's for the "Golden Celery" Award. 
Here is who you can expect: 
Sono CafĂ©, Datz, Roux, Boca, Ferg’s Live, Irish 31, Carmel Kitchen, Acropolis Greek Taverna, James Joyce, and Elevage (& a few others not listed!)

All of the signature beverages will be made with Tito's Handmade Vodka (100% corn & gluten free!!); and to accompany your Bloody Mary, yummy brunch items will be there for purchase. 
Your GA ticket will include unlimited samples & one full sized beverage -- or you can indulge in the VIP ticket that includes unlimited samples and full-sized yumminess. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit www.TampaBloodyMaryFest.com

I want you to be able to join me for fun at the Carnival!! 
Since it is a family-fun event, and I have 4 ride/game wristbands to giveaway... I will contact the first winner, and if they want all 4, then I will have one winner! However, if the first winner just wants two...someone else can win! Make sense?

Check out the giveaway below...
Get your wristbands for the Tampa Downtown Carnival...
Get your tickets to enjoy some Bloody Marys with me...
And don't forget to cheer us on at the RiverRun!

Tampa Downtown Carnival

*As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I did receive complimentary passes to visit the Tampa Downtown Carnival & the Tampa Bloody Mary Festival with Big City Events in exchange for social media love & this post. All opinions are my own.

Apr 21, 2015

Cigar City Brewing Tampa River Run. [GIVEAWAY!]

Join me for the Inaugural Cigar City Brewing Tampa River {FUN} Run on Sunday, May 3rd! 

-- Registration starts at 9AM --
-- Race starts at 10AM --
The beautiful course takes you along the new Tampa Riverwalk and the sights of the Riverfront in downtown. The distance will be approximately two miles.

You can register HERE
Act quick! Registration price increases in just a few days! 
...and, your registration includes a race shirt, a finisher medal, and 1 Cigar City Beer to enjoy post race at the Beer Garden at the Tampa Downtown Carnival. 

And since this event is mixing two of my favorite things...
-- Running and Tampa --
I want you to join me! 

I have two registrations to share :)
To enter, comment below and share with me an upcoming race that you have for 2015! 
Hope to see you there next Sunday! 

*As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I did receive complimentary registrations to the River Run with Big City Events in exchange for social media love & this post. All opinions are my own.

Apr 15, 2015

Pippin Musical:::An [extraordinary] Review

Circus acts.
Magic tricks.
Dashing acts of human art. 
Handsome men ;)
Beautiful ladies...
Story that warms your heart. 
Do I have your attention yet?

A quick synopsis...
The dashing, young Pippin finished his education and wants more in life.

His father, quite the hilarious one, attempts to give advice. DENIED! 

Photo credit: Straz Center
Pippin decides to experiment. Joins to fight. And other things...

Grandma is a feisty one and reminds Pippin he needs to live more. Love more. And even learn more.  

Photo credit: Straz Center
The Ring Master of this spectacle -- has a voice to be reckoned with and leads the show with dignitude. At this point in the story, she shows Pippin the newspaper (because there is never anything incorrect in the news...) exactly what his father, the king, is doing for the kingdom. Pippin realizes, is not happy about it, and decides to do take action. 

Photo credit: Straz Center
Now, this lady is deceitful, but she can bust a move. His stepmother, Fastrada, has a way with her hips and uses them to her advantage. She uses her moves with the King, and her words with Pippin. 

The acts continue, and the story moves along, Pippin finds some satisfaction...
but then I would be telling you too much! 

Just remember to be extraordinary. 
...and to find that, you don't always need to look too far...

...happy Ray could join me for the show!
I absolutely loved Pippin. It is my new favorite musical.
The story, the characters, the lights, the glamour, the dancing, the music.
...and the ending. Remember, you don't always have to look far. 

Photo credit: Straz Center
Random tidbits, the actor that plays the King, was the original Pippin when the musical first debuted in 1972. The music, absolutely exceptional, and from the composer as Wicked. [no wonder I loved it so much!]

Since the pigs need their own show (and their own room, lol), play it safe and leave the kids at home. Humor galore, sights for everyone, and music to please any ear. 

Pippin will be at the Straz Center now until Sunday, April 19th. You can visit HERE to find more details and to purchase tickets. 

 [and I even had a quick moment of fame! 
Notice down below, left hand corner...]

*As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I did receive the opportunity to attend Pippin in exchange for my review and social media love. All opinions are my own.

Apr 14, 2015

Snacking on the ---> GO with Kozy Shack® Simply Well:::A GIVEAWAY!

Whew! If you follow my shenanigans on other means of social media, 
you know I'm always
go ---> go ---> GO! 

Flew in from DC last night, had an epic weekend touring our Nation's Capital with my girl #AshNacki. Once I was home, I unplugged from ALL social media (#thestruggleisreal) and got my taxes done. The one time being a budding entrepreneur is $%&?! ;)  I'm excited for a Broadway Musical tonight -- and ready for my week of work, teaching, laundry and playing catch up! 

Just before I left for DC, I found Kozy Shack® Simply Well pudding. 
I noticed three things off the bat: 
+ Gluten free -- yes!!!
+ 90 calories
+ No sugar added

I am always on the lookout for healthy, filling snacks to power me through my work day and keep me going for teaching Wednesday nights & Saturday morning. 

Before my morning Insanity Class -- I did my typical superfoods shake and headed out the door. Post class, a Kozy Shack® Simply Well Tapioca pudding was puurrrfect. 

Just sweet enough. 
Tastes great -- as itself! 
{since then, I've had fun with adding some fruit, 
but tastes delicious on its' own!}

Make sure to follow me on Instagram to see how else I'm enjoying these guilt-free snacks -- and you can enjoy them on the go too!
I want you to get a chance to try Kozy Shack® Simply Well pudding for yourself! 
Head over HERE and comment below with what flavor you would want to try, and what you'd mix it with! 
*not valid outside of USA, not available to redeem in CA

Apr 4, 2015

Strawberry Classic & Spring Beer Fling 2015.

Simply put, I love busy weekends.
They make my heart happy and my soul full. 

The Strawberry Classic is a race that I was familiar with...
...it has is pros and cons. Small race, strawberries at the end, but not always well marked.
Meghan saved me that morning as I was running late...
We met up for a quick selfie and she was off! 
Meghan is currently training for Grandma's Marathon -- with a big goal of a BQ. 

I ran the 5K in 31:31 and was a happy camper. I have not been running as much lately (I do miss it...) and would have loved a sub-30, but the morning was a little warm and I felt I pushed myself decently. 
I saw Beth along course, got a love tap (lol) and had other friends at this race too. 

Clockwise around...
Kristen (IG: PeanutRuns) paid a visit to the sunshine state from Boston and placed 2nd in AG
Ashley & I met from when I was teaching Insanity @ YouFit -- I'm glad we can meet up randomly :)
Meghan was speedy and placed 1st in her AG

Next up on the agenda was the Spring Beer Fling
This event is always such a fun time...


Nichole and I 

...my amazing friends. 

...a reminder that I have some Irish in my blood...

Big City Events does an ahh-mazing job with their events. 
They are always fun and top-notch. 
Not only were the drinks a-plenty, but multiple bands made their way across the stage. 
...was a definitely an event not to miss.

Their next event is the Bloody Mary Festival on Sunday, May 3rd. 
You can find more info HERE.  

And lastly, the Tampa Bay Lightning are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs! 
Meghan and I had fun donning our blue and cheering for the boys on ice. 

*As a member of the Tampa Bay Bloggers, I did receive the opportunity to attend the Spring Beer Fling Film in exchange for my review and social media love. All opinions are my own.

Apr 3, 2015

ClassPass ::: #passLOVE

If you are on social media... and take time to read some posts...
You have probably heard of ClassPass.
Randomly, I saw it first from a fellow PiYo instructor from the Orlando market and didn't think much of it. But then I saw it was heading west to Tampa and my ears perked up. 

ClassPass works with local studios to give you to opportunity to move around, try them out, fall in love, find something new, bend a new direction...
...you get the idea ;)

And you know I love me some fitness...
...so I got to touring. 

For the Tampa market, there are quite a few studios already in the mix; at first glance I was excited to try out a Crossfit gym, the Bar Method, and Pure Barre.

To start, I hit up an old favorite, Evolation Yoga in South Tampa. This studio always takes my body & mind to a happy place, and I was finally able to try out a friends class. Kerri is an amazing instructor -- and I'm looking forward to spending an hour with her Easter morning as well! 

Next up was Soul Rooster
A fellow BbC (beachbody coach) beauty, Vanessa, teaches here -- and I ventured in for her TurboKick class. SO much fun!! From having done a little TurboFire in the past, the moves came easily...but Vanessa still kicked my butt! But I didn't mind ;)
Next up was the Bar Method with fellow ambassador, Lucia.
{yes, I still owe a blog post to the awesomeness that awaits me as a lululemon ambassador}
Bar Method uses the same bar you used when you were six in ballet class. Low impact, small moves (but lots of them), and relying heavy on technique (the instructors are amazing with tips & help on this...), this workout will have you shaking in your socks. Not kidding. 
I did two classes over a two day span -- did not have any soreness after the first, but did the second! #hurtsSOgood! 

I have a little bit of time left for my ClassPass fun, 
and do plan on trying Pure Barre on Tuesday.

Some quick stats for you: 
For Tampa, you can enjoy ClassPass for $79/month
Visit ClassPass.com to find out if it's in your city! 
[[you can join HERE for a membership in Tampa, or your local city]]
Also, you can visit one studio 3x/month...
yes, a little booo, but this will entice you to try something new! 

I thoroughly enjoyed the flexibility of ClassPass and do plan on continuing my membership. Even though I do teach, I love the opportunity to try new in the fitness world; and you never know what you will stumble upon! 

Is there a class/workout that you have been wanting to try?

Disclaimer: thanks to the awesome company that ClassPass is, I was able to receive a complimentary month of ClassPass in exchange for social media love. All opinions are my own. 

Mar 31, 2015

3-Day Refresh w/ Nanci.

About to finish day two...
I previously did the 3-Day Refresh and had awesome results. It's amazing what three days of good food, Shakeology, and plenty of H2O can do for you! 
Here is my last experience...
Since I have some big things coming up next week, I knew this was perfect timing to give the Refresh another go.

Nanci is an awesome friend of mine and is boss-lady over at:
The two of us partnered up -- she started her's first, and was super happy with her results. She completed her first marathon and was open about some struggles to get her diet back into check. I can completely relate... After I ran my first marathon, it is tricky to get your body to snap back from running longer distance on a weekly basis. While training, you increase your calories, and your body loves it. Your body does not want you to reduce its goods...makes getting back in check even more difficult. 

Spoiler Alert! 
Nanci loved her results and is happy to report that the Refresh did reset her body and eating habits. Here's her experience: 

(Thanks for letting me copy/paste Nanci! :-*)

3-Day Refresh Awesomeness!

For the second time, I completed the 3-Day Refresh and had great results. I had fallen back into some bad eating habits and was feeling so bloated and I knew I needed a reset. The 3-Day Refresh does just that. One of the things that works best for me that this offers is structure. It tells you what you can have and when you should have it. Other than the initial planning ahead for it, you are ready to go. For someone as busy as me, this is very important.
The basic structure of the 3-Day Refresh is:
  • Water all day long.
  • Shakeology for breakfast with fruit
  • Mid-morning Fiber Sweep
  • Vanilla Fresh shake for lunch with fruit, veggie, and healthy fat
  • Afternoon snack of fruit, veggie, or juice
  • Vanilla Fresh Shake for dinner plus a meal from the 3-Day Refresh recipe list
  • Drink green tea throughout the day – I aimed for twice a day
The day before I started, I stocked up on fresh fruits and veggies to have available, quick and easy. Celery, carrots, cucumbers, and hummus, as well as bananas and pineapple. I made a large batch of iced green tea that would last the whole 3 days. I also made a very specific list of what I would have and when based on the plan. 
I took everything with me on all 3 days so I didn’t leave anything to chance. Day 2 was the trickiest day simply because I was going to be on the road all day long. I packed everything, including ice, and it worked out perfectly. For me, being on the road is when I’m most likely to make bad choices like fast food because it’s easy to do. This made it easy. I knew what I was going to have and when.  
Day 3 had a challenge of it’s own, with a family lunch at Red Robin. But I had a salad and a side of steamed broccoli and it all worked out. It can be very empowering to make healthy choices.
The hardest part of the 3-Day for me, more than anything, was probably the no coffee in the morning. And it’s not that you can’t have coffee, you just can’t have all the extra such as creamer and sweeteners, and that is how I love my coffee. Other than that, I was fine and didn’t feel like I was missing out on much. I was never hungry, I felt full and satisfied.
Here are photos of my dinner options. The cucumber and tomato salad was from the 3-Day Refresh recipes. The squash and cucumbers I just through together for dinner on the last day because I was craving it. It is not hard for me to eat like this because I love these foods!
I took a photo, did my measurements, and weighed myself the morning of Day 1. I did the same thing again on Day 4, the morning after completing it. I knew I was down, I could feel it in how my clothes fit. And I was right… I lost a total of 6.75 pounds and almost 5 inches (waist and hips together). I like to say that I was feeling extra fluffy before I did the 3-Day, I was so bloated, and that is obvious in my before picture. I am much happier with my after photo, feeling confident again in my favorite jeans.
Since completing the 3-Day, I’ve been keeping up with several aspects of it. Water all day long, green tea twice a day, fruit and veggies for snacks, and whole foods. I’ve tried to limit the processed foods. And while I did have fast food once, I kept it to a small, and it was just one day, not every other day as it had been for awhile. 
I mentioned this was my second time to do the 3-Day Refresh. The first time I did it seemed harder for me, and I’m sure it was because I was in the midst of marathon training and running ALOT. I was hungrier throughout. This time around, it was much easier and I feel like I got more out of it. 
I will definitely do the 3-Day Refresh again as needed. I think it is a great way to reset your body and get rid of those pesky bad habits that have a way of creeping back in. I believe in all things in moderation but over time, for me, the bad foods have a way of outweighing the good foods. After the 3 days of healthy choices, it’s easier to stick with it. 

Thank you again to Nanci for sharing :) 
Wish me luck on DAY THREE TOMORROW!